Sunday, March 30, 2014

metallic + kraft


What a week! I had a couple of different posts started, but the busyness definitely took over and they didn’t happen. This time, at least, it wasn’t school (though it probably should have been) but actual creative things, which is good news for this blog, at least (but definitely not for my GPA).

The main thing was a rush order of wedding invitation addressing. You say kraft paper and metallic gold and I say WHEN CAN I START. Usually I do not say I want to do 160 invites in three days while going to class and chapel and birthday celebrations but if you say I’ll pay you extra I say who really needs sleep anyway?

I’m really. really. tired.

But they turned out so well!

And I got to create my first ever (of what I hope to be many because making it was SO FUN) custom address stamp from my calligraphy! Oh man. You should have seen me freaking out about this one.

Sigh. Guys. I love wedding season. If you know of anyone getting married…send em my way, because this hand wants carpal tunnel and it wants it now.

Stay tuned for more actual creative posts this week (there are at least two more). And if you’re luck you’ll get a lil something extra. Rejoice rejoice rejoice!

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