Thursday, April 3, 2014

Remember last spring when I made that monogrammed gift box for one of my best friends? Well, her birthday was last week, and I decided to revisit the monogram idea for her gift, this time with a more modern monogram.

Again, it turned out awesome, it was super cheap, and I still love this project.

Here’s what I did this time around.


Monogram stamp (I made the monogram in adobe illustrator, saved it as a png, and ordered a custom stamp from a wholesaler, the same I used for the stamp from the wedding invites I also did last week. If you can’t find someone to do this for you cheaply, drop me an email. I’d be happy to make one for you.)

Stamp pad (Hobby Lobby was having a sale. This cost me maybe a dollar)

Blank cards & Envelopes (Paper Source, as always)

Watercolors (Prang all the way, baby)

Shiny Paint Pen (I always use Sharpie because the shine is prime, and outline in Micron)

Ribbon to tie it all together

The process was even easier than last year. I first vectored the monogram in illustrator and made it into an image, uploaded it to my wholesaler, and ordered the stamp. Again, if you can’t find someone to do this for you cheaply, drop me a line. I can do this for you!

After the stamp arrived, I super watered down my blue watercolor and edged my blank cards. Once that dried, I stamped them.

Then I sketched out the monogram freehand on the notebook in pencil and colored it in with the shiny paint pen. After that dried I wrote some quotes and Bible verses on the pages and erased the pencil from the front.

Finally, I washed off all the ink from the stamp, double stick taped it to the envelope package, and tied everything together with green ribbon. The whole process start to finish (after the stamp arrived from the wholesaler) took about twenty minutes and cost me less than fifteen dollars (I had most of the supplies lying around, including the notebook). Tada!

Hopefully this gives you some good, quick gift ideas. I have a couple bridal showers coming up I fully intend to use this idea for again. I love quick! I love cheap! (remember that bathroom organizer? And last year’s box?)

Have a happy Friday tomorrow!!

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  1. You're so freakin' talented. I am blown away, once again.