Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I went shopping yesterday for like the first time in…ages. I’m talking March here, people. Ok that’s kind of an exaggeration, since I have been shopping for work clothes once or twice in there, but I haven’t bought anything for myself in for. ever. Unless you count flowers or French bread at the farmers market, which I don’t.

Here’s the thing: since when is Fall coming? There are absolutely no summer clothes in sight anymore, and I’m getting a little panicked here because I feel like my summer has completely snuck past me. How did 15 weeks past THAT fast? How in can it possibly be cardigan weather already? And how in the world am I leaving two weeks from tomorrow for DC??!!

I am a mess of excitement, sadness, and general amazement. This summer has been a doozy.

And even though Hobby Lobby has somehow convinced itself it’s nearly Christmas (I’m actually not kidding. We’re talking full on bypass of Halloween and Thanksgiving here), I’m getting kind of ready to celebrate my favorite season. The colors, the crisp air, the clothes. Oh, the clothes. Cashmere and knits and jewel tones….oh my. Yes.

We’re gonna start hardcore celebrating over here, and to kick it off, let me introduce you to one of the coolest shoe lines I have ever seen. Ladies and gentlemen, Loly in the Sky, the cutest, most unique, and most affordable fall transition flat you have ever seen.

You’re welcome.

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