Tuesday, August 6, 2013

5 min diy

Things that I hate: the fact that I got a beautiful manicure on Thursday and was promptly subjected to intense staple removing (yes, there is such thing and yes, it was high stakes) and a day of manual labor (in heels, no less! I was the tall one who was even taller in three inch heels pushing around 200 pounds of boxes on a dolly and refusing any help. I wish it weren’t, but so classic.)…my nails are SHOT.

Things that I love: Friday Night Lights. Where has this show been all my life? One of my roommates tried and tried to get me hooked last year and it never took…there must be something in the water now because it took alright. I’ve been caught, hook line and sinker. Clear eyes! Full hearts! Can’t lose!

Another thing I hate: having a cold in the summer. Isn’t that supposed to not happen? Isn’t the point of summer to a) not be cold and b) not get a cold? Something is wrong with nature. I don’t know how much more my poor nose can take.

And something else I love: Walking through Hobby Lobby. Why is it that everything I didn’t know I needed is always 50% off? I’m wandering through the aisles a couple weeks ago and noticed there was a plate and candle stick sale (random, I know). And then it hit me. I’d been looking for a better way to organize my jewelry and other odds and ends in my bathroom other than just shoving it in a drawer and hoping my necklaces didn’t get tangled together (usually my hopes were futile). I immediately knew my answer: 2 plates, different sizes, sandwiching a candlestick. This sounds odd, but track with me here. This is the easiest, cheapest, and quickest DIY you’ll do maybe ever (and it’s practical, so there you go.


This is all I used. I thought about maybe screwing it on with a drawer pull to make it hold together better, but the point of this was quick and easy and so hot glue it was. Yeah, it’s a little rickety, but let’s be real. What kind of wear and tear is this guy going to get on my bathroom counter? Answer: none. Unless there is a hurricane or rager or some other dramatic occurrence (which, happens, um, never). Which is a long way of saying you’re fine with hot glue.


I’m not even going to number these because you should be done in five minutes (unless you’re like me and…well, stay tuned).

Peel the stickers off your plates. Seriously, this will take the longest if you don’t use soap. I was an idiot and refused to use soap and water until I had been picking at these guys for five minutes and chipping my newly manicured nails.

Put a dab of hot glue on the bottom of your candlestick (or a glob, or whatever amount you see fit) and center it on your larger plate (I eyeballed this, but you could measure and put a piece of tape down if you’re really picky).

Here is where I was an even bigger idiot: MAKE SURE YOU GLUE THE CANDLESTICK TO THE BIGGER PLATE. Not the smaller one. Because when you let it dry and check it you will see this. And realize, hey, that is absolutely wrong. So I had to break it and start over. Dumb.

Once you’ve pressed it down on your LARGER PLATE (The bigger plate! Bigger!), place some glue on the underside of your SMALLER plate (smaller plate! smaller!) and press down on your candlestick. There is a handy dandy label on the underside of most plates so you will have an easy time centering this.

Let dry, and voila. Organization heaven.

And it only cost me $5. Hobby Lobby? You’re my favorite.

Happy happy happy Tuesday!

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