Thursday, May 30, 2013

in my happy place

Oh, friends. Good mood. Good, good mood.

1) The blackhawks won last night against all odds, a disastrous call, and plenty of octopi. I don’t know if we have discussed this yet, but those boys are my team. We are big, big hawk fans in this family, you should see us watch a game. There is a lot of yelling involved, a whole lot of pacing, and a whole lot of Chelsea Dagger. I was so happy today I couldn’t stop smiling, I was giggling like a crazy person and had to keep massaging my cheeks from all the smiling! We’re taking on the Kings on Saturday…anyone in the area is welcome to come over! I’ll make you these cookies and stuff you full of watermelon. GO HAWKS!

2) It was a good mail day…this necklace in gold came from gorjana (love, love, love their line! Check out the honeycomb collection, so beautiful), new Moleskines for my upcoming trip to D.C., and my course packet for said trip to D.C. complete with The Killer Angels. I read this book way before I was old enough to appreciate how actually brilliant it is. I’m geeking out hard over here.

3) I got hit with so many creative ideas today I don’t even know what to do with myself. There are some very big projects in the works. Stay tuned.

4) Remember how I talked about my crazy boss at my old hectic job at the most delicious restaurant in the area? I finally got enough courage to go back tonight and had such. a good. meal. We’re talking grilled romaine salad, fresh whipped house ricotta with local wildflower honeycomb on sea salt toasts, fire roasted pizza bread, pomodoro tagliatalle with fresh burratta…I’m in food heaven here. Slash I don’t know if I have room to eat anything ever again.

5) Three words: House Hunters International.

Oh, and I also stumbled across a collection from photographic icon Eve Arnold. She shot Marilyn, she shot Elizabeth, she shot Clark…I mean look at these shots! I’m in awe.

There, that should keep you busy till tomorrow. Happy late Thursday/early Friday!

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