Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I’m slapping my wrists, I’m cowering in shame…

I’ve finally settled into my schedule and I’m back.

Finals really did me in. I had two 10+ page papers due the day before I began four incredibly rough exams. And as soon as they ended, I moved out. And as soon as I moved into my house, I started an 8-5 job (my suitcases are STILL unpacked in my room. Again with the cowering in shame…). And then on Thursday we drove to Texas so I could see my new baby cousin! She is beautiful, she can work her little tongue like nobody’s business, and the next time I see her she’s going to be huge and saying my name, because she loved me (that’s kind of a lie. I looked at her and smiled at one point this weekend and she immediately started to cry. But that was an isolated case and I am chalking it up to a fluke…I may not have my daddy’s touch with babies but they typically love me. It’s the gargantuanly huge eyes, I swear). I also got to meet my older cousin’s boyfriend, which was pretty much just as exciting. Our family is fully on board both the Gracie and the John boats. Fully.

And now that I’m decompressed, looking forward to a summer (and semester!) of good, good changes, I am fully committed to you. And to letting you into the excitement as it starts.

And we’re kicking it off with someone who’s been incredibly inspiring to me lately, the beautiful and talented Dana Tanamachi. You’ve probably seen her work in Time Magazine, or O Magazine, or in Tommy Hilfiger’s store front, or a numberof other huge names, but this is one incredible designer. She worked for my design icon, Louise Fili (like another, Jessica Hische), found her calling recreating vintage typefaces, and chose chalk as her medium. Her work is heavenly. I’m trying this new thing where I’m not making any promises, but * hopefully * I’l be posting some of my work soon, and her method is one of my biggest inspirations. I love her. I actually do.

Go look at her portfolio, her Dribbble, and this interview, and I think you’ll see what I mean.

Till tomorrow!

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