Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sorry! Sorry!

I’m going through pre-finals week here. It’s crazy with a capital CRAY. You will likely not be seeing much of me until after finals, and then it’s back to your regularly scheduled programming. I’ll post if I find a good window of time that doesn’t involve me smacking my head against a door frame in agony.

I promised two weeks ago (heh heh) that I would post the project I’m working on, but I haven’t had time to take pictures yet (double heh heh). So this is an older project I did for a new baby, which is one of my favorite projects I’ve ever worked on. It’s much bigger than it looks (three feet across), and while I don’t have any pictures of it framed in the nursery, just trust me that looks gooood.

Have a happy week! I’ll see you when I see you (triple heh heh),

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