Friday, December 2, 2011

Well, kids, we did it. Made it to Friday (slash I made it a week of blogging, surprise surprise). I think we deserve pats on the back. These things are tough, you know. Living. Breathing. Blogging. It’s almost more than anyone should be asked to handle!

My weekend is going to be full of Michigan! I’m driving up tomorrow to watch the guy’s basketball team whip Calvin, where one of my good friends transferred to play this year. It’ll be quite entertaining to watch him play his old team…especially since our boys are doing awesome this season! We’re staying Saturday night at Ginny’s (one of my best best friends) house, and coming back Sunday in time to get me to work. The daily grind, I tell you. Gotta bring home the bacon somehow.

In the spirit of fall lingering here in Wheaton, my Friday Pinterest picks are sort of a last tribute to my favorite season. I’m guessing that by this time next week winter will have reared its ugly head. Fall, you’ve been lovely. Till next year.

Have a great weekend! See you back on Monday.

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