Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hello, again.

Sorry for being a bad blogger. I could tell you all that’s been going on lately, how I’m busy planning dances, designing posters, tutoring in the city. Or how I’ve been hiding out in the library, studying my rear off, or how I’ve been enjoying my best friends, or how I’m turbokicking like it’s my job. Or how I’ve been working at the congressman’s office, and at the library, and at my desk. Or how I’ve just had other things to do.

But I won’t bore you with all that!

What really matters is that I’m posting now, and I might post again tomorrow. But I might not. I hope everyone had blessed Thanksgivings, and that your green bean casserole was as close to being as good as my mom’s as anyone could hope for (I think they might serve it in heaven). This was the first year in a while that we didn’t go into the city to Maggiano’s for Thanksgiving, and (even though we didn’t have any pasta with our meal *gasp*) I think I actually liked it a lot better (don’t tell!). It was good to celebrate and remember the past year with friends.

I also got to spend the week completely engulfed by fairy tales—for a class! I’m taking children’s literature this quad, and with my job at the library, it’s become one of the most fun classes I’ve ever taken. Where else do you get to compare ten versions of Beauty and the Beast and get graded on it? This is my favorite, in case you were wondering. And this was pretty spectacular, too. And, completely unrelated, have you seen this? Anyone who knows the original will be as excited as I am about it. Which is pretty dang excited. And here’s the thing: all of these children’s stories, and our final project for the class, have made me start creative writing again. Unlike in the past (which is full of half started stories I shudder to recall), I’m actually liking the direction this project has been going. Given my track record with finishing things, it’s unlikely any of these stories will be finished…but hey—if I can get a blog post done, anything is possible!

In any case, I hope your Thanksgiving weekends were as wonderful as they possibly could be. And that you are over your turkey comas by now. And that no one was hurt during Black Friday stampedes. And that you will go check out Max Wanger’s photography, because it’s beautiful. And Ben Rector’s music, because it’s just that baller (excuse the term, there’s really no other way to describe it—I saw him in concert last week…bliss. Totally and completely baller).

Happy Saturday, friends!

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