Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I’m a sucker for typography, as you may have noticed. I’ve always been such a fan of graphic design, my bookmarks folder is full to the brim with poster design, typography resources, graphic design tutorials, designers—I’m borderline obsessed.

And now, I just learned that my school is offering typography classes starting next semester! I’m absolutely stoked. Our art department isn’t widely known for graphic design, but the department is finally growing. Yes.

So, to celebrate this news, please enjoy this fantastic project I just stumbled upon this week. Branding 10,000 Lakes is just that—they’re literally branding the 10,000 Lakes of Minnesota. And they are beautiful. I’m obsessed! My grandparents live in Minnesota, and I've been to a few of these before. While the lakes themselves might not be the most incredible places on earth, the branding? They might be some of the best I've seen. Go look at them all, they’re worth a second look.

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