Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Busy-ness is finally starting to settle in. It’s quite possible that I’ve bit off way more than I can chew, but what else is new?

I looked up qualities of overachievers and, apart from being appalled at how uppity and goshdarn snotty they sound (I like to consider myself a lighthearted person, I mean, I’ve got a sense of humor and can make fun of myself…right? Right?), it was pretty spot on (case in point: “Don’t tell me what to do!”). Except for the fact that I put everything off to the last minute and kind of like to do as little as possible while doing everything at once…

Is it possible to be an underachiever and an overachiever at the same time?

I’ve always known I was somewhat of an enigma…

So as I pull my hair out and try to plow through 70 pages of Comparative Politics, go buy yourself some incredible stationary. Social Proper, my friends. That’s where it’s at. They’re fairly new and looking to expand their line, so they have limited designs at the moment, but wow. The four they do have? Perfection.

Happy Tuesday!

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