Monday, August 29, 2011

Weirrrd day.

Roommate passed out, went to the hospital, and came back all in one day. Dropped one huge class and added a smaller one. Good encounter, better reaction. Moms and groceries. First student government meeting. Printer breakdown. Cereal?

Sorry, that was pretty much entirely for my own benefit. I don’t want to leave you hanging, though, so here are some links purely for your own benefit:

2) My city + typography? Yes please.
3) Oh. My. Gosh. Brilliant! Might have to feature these in a post.
4) The Art of the Menu? Oh, yes.
5) I have to have something about typography.
7) My favorite colors on one of my favorite blogs.
8) Lovely lady, indeed.
9) And, picture cred, check out Penfield USAs fall/winter lookbook. Yes.

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