Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We were big on nursery rhymes in our family during the 90’s when my sisters and I were little. I still get the most random lines from Mother Goose and the Children’s Book of Virtues stuck in my head all the time (and do you have any idea how annoying it is to have “Wee Willie Winkie Runs Through the Town” or “Little Boy Blue” running through your head as you’re trying to make your way as a mature adult? [Sidebar: obviously, I cannot be considered mature, quite yet. It’s in my five year plan.]). Today, for some reason, “What Are Little Boys Made Of?” has been stuck in my head, only “little boys” has been replaced with “Wednesdays” (also obviously, my mind works in ways that are less than normal. Speaking of which, I always was jealous that the boys got to be made of snails and puppy dog tails when girls were made of spice and nice? Hello? Boring. I’ll take the dirt any day).

So what is my Wednesday made of? Well.

Scaring cleaning ladies, blanching peaches, feeding peanuts to dogs, looking at pictures of beaches.
Making dinner for my family, breaking Target baskets with hand weights, watching Chuck on repeat, and making a dessert that (for some reason) my sister hates.

That’s what Wednesdays are made of.

Also included in my Wednesdays is ogling the beautiful set design of Hans Blomquist. When I get my own house someday, every room will aim to be as cool as these.

And, just in case you couldn’t get enough nursery rhymes for one day, I’ll leave you with another of my favorites from The Children’s Book of Virtues:

There was a girl who had a curl
Right in the middle of her forehead.
When she was good, she was very good,
But when she was bad, she was horrid.

Basically, my life. Except my hair is straight. And never hangs in the middle of my forehead. Nuance.

Happy Wednesday!

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