Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Operation pack-my-life-into-boxes-take-2 is in full swing. It’s a little more depressing than last year, since it’s kind of settling in that this is my last summer in my hometown until I graduate from college, maybe even after that. Growing up is weird, there are more things for me to have to figure out every year. Good thing I take everything in stride (oh, my confidence is astounding [read: idiotic]). Bring it.

In other news, I am getting absolutely whipped by the Bar Method. I learned about it on a blog about a month ago and decided to give the DVD a try…oh man. Not only am I literally unable to lower myself into any chair, climb stairs, or laugh, but I also give my entire household a laugh. In case you haven’t had a good chuckle today (I hear they’re as good as apples, in some cases), I’ll give you a mental picture of this hilarity:

Picture a 6’2” girl in front of a TV, in a basement with ceilings only 3 inches above her head. Instead of weights, she is lowering and raising huge bottles of Pellegrino while squeezing an old volleyball in between her legs. She is also trying to simultaneously hinge her arms while balancing on her toes (it should be noted that her center of balance is nearly nonexistent, so she’s shaking like a leaf). Finally, it’s hard for her to concentrate on all of this while engaging her abs and remembering to breathe, so, due to lack of oxygen, her face is nearly purple. She falls into the couch and whimpers in pain.

You’re welcome.

And in case you’re wondering about the pictures (funny how absolutely nothing about my posts ever has to do with my pictures…), they’re from the most amazing stationary company I’ve ever encountered. It’s probably a good Scout’s Honor, Co. doesn’t have an online store, yet (though apparently the elves are working on it?), because I think I’d buy them out. Their blog is almost as equally incredible, though, because they have the (coveted) ability to find amazing vintage paper. Incredible. If I could pick a dream job, this would be it. Yes.

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