Thursday, August 18, 2011

Here’s what I hate: stupid cliches. Today, it's namely the "on this day in history nothing happened" type deal. I mean come on.

So while it's true that nothing really happened today (I literally didn’t change out of my pajamas), on this day in history, things happened.

Genghis Khan dies, 1227
Roanoke Colony deserted, 1590
Woman suffrage amendment ratified, 1920
James Meredith, the first African American to attend college, graduates from Ole Miss, 1963
Director Roman Polanski born, 1933
Lolita is published, 1958

Even though I was confined to my room packing all day, I can rest assured that in some other space/time continuum, people are gagging over the the scandalous escapades of Humbert Humbert for the first time.

(Oh, and Bagatelles and Co.? Very, very cool. I will take five in various sizes and hues, charge it please (Yes, I do like to channel Eloise from time to time. Gotta love pop culture.))

Here’s to tomorrow being more exciting! Ciao.

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