Sunday, August 4, 2013

I liked doing this last week so much I’m doing it again. Creative control is a beautiful thing. This week's top ten finds from around the internet starting…now:

1 | Studio Flats in blush – they’re perfect. And Fall is coming. So I have an excuse.

2 | 99 Problems Tumblr  - so you know how a certain rapper who recently took a hyphen out of his name, leaving me unable to remember how to spell it correctly, has this song about 99 problems? Well the beauty of tumblr is that someone has illustrated them. With a twist. (SO. FUNNY!)

3 | DIY Ruler Table Runner – best DIY I’ve seen all week. How creative (and easy! I’m all about easy). Looks straight out of Crate & Barrel.

4 | Boyfriend Chain Bracelet by Victory – must. have. I’ve been after one of these for a while, and this is by far the cutest and most affordable I’ve laid eyes on.

5 | Tent by The Teepee Guy – I don’t have kids. I will not have kids any time soon. Is it so wrong that I still want a tent to curl up in? (Don’t answer that)

6 | Eucalyptus and Oatmeal Campers Soap – Have you ever heard of Cisthene? Me either, but they have the most beautiful shop and definitely the best packaged soaps (and they’re cheap…win)

7 | Flags at the National Maritime Museum – First, this museum exists. Second, they’ve scanned about a million of these flags. They’ve been serving as inspiration for a web design project I’ve been working on this week. So cool!

8 | Foiled Dot Napkin Set by Anthropologie – This is so self explanatory I’m laughing. There’s metallic gold and pink involved. I’m sold. I could plan a dinner party around these napkins alone.

9 | Embosser by Phil Jones – I want to take the millions of books I’ve collected in my short twenty-one years and stamp all of them with a personalized embosser. How have I never thought of this before? Slash I’m never signing anything again (I’ll be the crazy lady in Target who is asked to sign her receipt and pulls out an embosser instead of a pen).

10 | Waxed Haversack Bag by Southern Field Industries – I’ve never been much of a crossbody person, but this bag might change my mind. And what a cute site, so glad I stumbled across it this week.

Did you come across anything this week you think deserves to be featured? Let me know. See you back here tomorrow!

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  1. Thanks for including me in your ten things. Very nice finds!