Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Remember how I said I was surrounded by 24 policy super-nerds? Remember how one openly wants to be president, one states his life’s passion is wheeling and dealing, and how another has already acted as a visiting professor at the ripe ole age of 20? *Ok, I may have forgotten to mention these things, but the point is that these nerds are intense with a capital INSANE.

Intimidated? You’re not alone. At first I was, too. And then I realized most of them are filled with hot air. And then someone kindly pointed out to me yesterday that I have a major advantage over them all:

Me (in response to finding out this super-nerd has been published in three major news publications and journals): You’ve done what? Oh my stars. I’m so behind. I can’t compare.
Super-Nerd: That is so not true.
Me: Um, good one. We’ve only been discussing the glass ceiling for the last three hours and I didn’t go to an Ivy League or sell my soul to the devil or teach civic duty in Malaysia…so…
SN: Doesn’t matter. You’re going to beat out all of us.
Me: Oh, please, you’re on something *Pause* Just out of curiosity, what would that be?
SN: Well, aside from the fact that you’re bossy and hot, you’re also tall. Tall trumps all. I wish I was tall.

Finally. While I wish my biggest asset is my superior intellect or overall awesomeness, at least I’ve got my height going for me (I knew it had to come in handy someday! I’ll get ahead by intimidation factor alone *insert evil laugh here*).

* * *

I’m tired and  can’t think of a good transition into design today (mostly because my head is too full of banking legislation and the hilarious performance of Second City I saw last night), so consider this your transition. One designer that keeps popping up on my radar as I work on some freelance graphic design projects is Fuzzco, the brains behind some of the more brilliant campaigns you may have seen at Mail Chimp, Zynga, eHarmony, and Lunch and Recess. They have an excellent eye for color, a perfect balance of ornate and simple lines, and an all-around great sense of humor (always appreciated). Go check out their website, dribbble, facebook, and blog and get inspired.

Stay beautiful and don’t take any wooden nickels. Happy Wednesday!

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