Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Picture this.

Remember that kid in high school? The one in the front row with the perpetual squint, big glasses perched upon their nose, their hair greasy from hygienic neglect? Remember how they would speak in that nasally voice about all these things you knew nothing about and sound twenty more times intelligent than any of you peons surrounding them under the fluorescent lights? Remember how much you loved to hate that kid?

I’ve been spending the last three weeks with twenty-four of them. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, for the last three weeks I’ve been masquerading as a policy nerd.

I say masquerading, but in all truthfulness I actually am one. A policy nerd, I mean. I get super excited about Syrian defense planning, I get a rush from economic inequality debates, and don’t even get me started on banking regulation. Not as excited as the twenty-four policy nerds surrounding me, of course, but still.

The thing is, though, that although these policy nerds are the best stone-cold pack of weirdos I’ve ever met in my life have earned a special place in my heart, they can’t really talk about anything but policy. And I mean anything. Which has been a problem, let me assure you. Sports? Nope. Celebrities? Nope. Shoes? Do flip flops count?

I am starved for cultural conversation. STARVED.

And so, forsaking food and nerd companionship, I’ve been sneaking away to Georgetown to spend my stipend on new clothes and drool over designer shoes. These haute couture looks and high prices are keeping me ground to reality. I’m walking a fine line here between nerd and pop culture, and I gotta say, it suits me well.

All this to say that I’ve been really getting to know both the policies and trends du jour and both Chinese economics and ankle straps have been coming up a lot. So here, for your betterment and enjoyment, are my top picks for today’s up and coming trend of the moment. I’m especially in love with the alice + olivia blue suede pair, the Sigerson Morrison snakeskin flats (yes, I know, expensive tastes), and the super cute (and discounted!) Lola pair from ShoeMint (who is having a huge sale!). Enjoy and pat a nerd on the back for me today (they need our love and affection, too).

1. ShoeMint | 2. Alice + Olivia | 3. ShoeMint | 4. Tildon 

Update! ShoeMint is having a 50% off sale right now with the code CELEBRATE at check out. Go forth and take advantage of this amazing discount while it lasts!

Bought a pair recently that belongs on the list? Know a nerd who deserves a shout out? Let me know in the comments.

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