Friday, March 8, 2013

EEE! I know it’s seriously tacky to write sound effects but this occasion calls for rule breaking …I have officially made it through my last junior year midterms and tomorrow morning I’m hitting the road with my best friends for Spring Break! We’re hitting up Birmingham, AL and Seaside, FL and I am so excited it just can’t be contained. EEE!

I also went shopping for he first time since Christmas yesterday (which is astonishing). I’m loving how preppy everything is this spring, because I was not digging on the whole gaudy-neon-geometric thing last spring kept dishing out. Seahorses on shorts? Lace paneling? Seersucker? Much more my style. I fell so in love with all the embroidered shorts I kept running across that I think I’ll give them their own post next week. In the meantime, check out these and these and these.

In honor of the trip I’m embarking on tomorrow I’ve thrown together a ‘lil playlist for y’all (I need to start talking like a Southern person now. I am heading to Alabama, after all, so I can’t come across as too much of a Yankee or I’ll be shunned [okay that’s maybe a little exaggeration but remind me to tell you my cray-on / crayon story sometime]). Enjoy your breaks if you have ‘em (I know I’ll be enjoying mine!) You can listen to it here.

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