Monday, December 19, 2011

Okay, I'm doubly bad. 1) I promised this on Friday. 2) These pins are all from my word board. But I found a lot of great hand lettered images the last few days and they're really inspiring me to go and illustrate my own, which I may or may not upload myself ;)

Also inspiring me is our wonderful new Frank Sinatra CD, and Wild Bluebell from the ever-classy Jo Malone (which I may or may not have waiting for me under the tree!), and the new John Grisham TV show coming out January 8th from NBC! Oh, happy, happy, happy day (it's true, I love him. I'm re-reading The Firm to get ready)!

Have a splendid Monday and go bake some cookies if you haven't already! You only have six days till Christmas!

*PS--Just checked my stats...1200 pageviews? Really? Wow and I haven't even done much. Y'all are too good to me.

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