Saturday, December 10, 2011

Here’s a confession: under normal circumstances, I would apologize for my lack of blogging dedication and try to make up some excuse that would get you to forgive me easier and not care about my absence, but here’s the thing. It’s finals week, and I’m really not that sorry!

It’s true. I’m bad to the bone.

But most of you have been through college and know what I’m talking about, and are probably getting flashbacks to the endless hours in coffee shops, excessive study breaks, and attpmpts to cra your head full with as much information as possible in a 10 minute period.

Here’s another confession: I kind of love it.

And clothes. Look at these clothes. I absolutely have to focus on saving money right now but oh my stars and stripes. If only.

Have a lovely weekend! And if you’re up against finals next week: good luck (not that you need it, I’m sure).

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