Tuesday, August 23, 2011

So I’m still trying to settle my thoughts about school, so I decided that, due to the raininess of Chicago right now, you all could use a laugh. So this is a story that happened in the elevator at work over the summer. Oh, elevator awkwardness. Nice.

I’m waiting on the first floor for the elevator to take me to the 10th floor. This tall guy comes along and goes:

Kate: Shoots him a wide-eyed look of confusion
TG: How tall are you??
K: Um. 6’2”?
(We enter the elevator. It is silent for 2 floors)
TG: I’m sorry, I just gotta say something.
K: *silence*
TG: I’m sure all those short guys are totally scared of you but. For us tall guys? DAYYYUMMM! There is NOTHIN more attractive than a tall woman!
K: Uhhhh…thanks…?    
TG: Damn.
(We FINALLY get to his floor. As the doors close)
TG: Wow.

Later I told my dad, and he told me the guy had been in prison recently. So I really know how to get em, huh?


I hope your Tuesdays are fantastic! Classes start tomorrow, and I am definitely not ready. Where can a girl get a good notebook round these parts?

And in other news, go check out Three Potato Four. Their vintage flea market finds are so clutch. If I had a house, I’m telling you…

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