Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Here’s what I hate: awkward situations.
Here’s what I’m the queen of: awkward situations.

One of the more colorful sides to my internship this summer was the stereotypical “real life experience” the college administrators are always preaching: “Get an internship, gain valuable experience for the real world!” “Find out how a real workplace works with real life experience!” Another thing I really hate is corniness of any shape and size, so I was amused when this contrived nonsense turned out to be somewhat practical contrived nonsense. Meaning that I got a lot of hands-on experience dealing with awkward situations “in the real world.”

Example: Today I had to hand deliver 200 shirts to two floors in the building. The problem: I’m a summer intern. I don’t know anyone at the bank (besides my Dad). The awkwardness hit as soon as I walked out of the freight elevator with four huge boxes of shirts and a cart I absolutely couldn’t manuver. I had to walk up and down row upon row of cubicles, whispering (these floors are dead silent) people’s names and waiting for some kind soul to respond to my desperate cries for help. And, on top of that, I’m so tall that my head stuck way out from every cubicle…I’m sure a lot of people had a whole heckuva lot of fun watching the completely freaked out, awkward tall girl sneak around their office. Nice. Hello, real life experience.

In other news, these topographical maps from Crafterall are fantastic. I want one of Lake Michigan to grace the walls of my dorm this year. And, having had many a run in with an Exacto Knife, I can appreciate the extreme health risk (ha) and time she puts into these awesome projects. Love!

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