Thursday, August 11, 2011

thursday, thy name is random

I apologize in advance for the randomness of this post. Maybe all the links will compensate for lack of structure*?

1) Drinking inordinate amounts of hot chocolate at the office
2) Cleaning my desk space in anticipation for MY LAST DAY OF WORK
3) Having our first family dinner together since May (everyone is finally home!) and enjoying some typical dinner conversation:

D (referring to a risqué hick carving he and mom saw in Wisconsin): You don’t know that they were naked.
Me: Yeah, you don’t even know they were carved.
D: You’re right! The tree could have grown like that!

4) Drooling (literally. It’s disgusting.) over the fantastic work in letters of Jon Contino and learning that my school is going to be offering typography classes next semester (I don’t know how to contain my excitement about this one! How could life possibly get better after taking typography??)
5) I’ll tell you how. A catalog came to my house today and gave me a snapshot into my future that might just be the pinnacle of all things great. Someday, in the far future, when I have a baby, he will be dressed in this costume on Halloween. And my life will finally reach its greatness apex. Come to mama.

And because this post has been random enough already, I might as well throw in a few random links. On random words, because we need to be consistent here. Go to town.

*Who am I kidding? They’re adding to the mania. I’ll be better tomorrow.

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