Wednesday, July 17, 2013

So, here’s what I told myself. I said Kate, you have a horrible habit of not unpacking and it’s really not attractive in a lady. Your clothes sit in your suitcase at the foot of your bed for days and days and weeks and weeks and then they are ruined and your room is a mess. So you cannot even touch Illustrator or your blog until it’s done. Got it?

I tried, I really did. To be fair, I half unpacked. I took everything out of the suitcases, at least. True, they’re in piles around my room. True, I haven’t done as spot of laundry. And, true, I did finish up those desktop wallpapers for you before a spot of clothing was put into a drawer. But, hey. I’m only human.

So this is me half delivering half of my promise from last week (trend? ohpleasegodno). For your downloading pleasure, here are four desktop wallpapers in honor of those lazy, hazy, crazy dog days of summer (we are right smack dab in the middle of what apparently is a heat dome? Someone is making this stuff up. Stephen King should be getting commission). The labels are forthcoming. Click on each image to download them for yourself, and if you’d like to see the wallpapers in different dimensions/for iPhone/iPad leave me a comment and I’ll add them!

Have a happy, happy Thursday!

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