Friday, July 19, 2013


Finally. I had this awful problem all week where I was convinced that every day was Friday. I’d get to work and think, Yes! Friday! only to realize twenty minutes later that it was Tuesday and I still had four long, excruciating days to go. Plus this heat dome is really getting me down (sidenote: I watched the first episode of Under the Dome after cracking myself up yesterday. Um. Dumbest show ever. Don’t under any circumstances let anyone convince you to waste your time watching that show. Please, for the love of all that is good, go watch PLL instead. I beg.)

Continuing with these lazy, hazy dog days of summer, I give you these dreamy, botany inspired Pinterest picks. Admire, drink some lemonade, and send me good vibes as I watch everyone in my family go on vacation without me (not kidding. I have to work. So. Depressing.)

But it’s okay, at least I’ve got Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Hannah on Netflix to keep me company (*sarcastic grin*)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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