Wednesday, April 3, 2013

textiles and scatterbrains
I saw some of Rebecca Atwood’s textiles over on the note to self blog yesterday and I’m in love. She pours so much of her time into these patterns: hand painting her pillows, hand screening, hand detailing. Each textile is its own work of art, and it shows.

In other news, you should go look at this modern take on Eloise. Many of you know my love for children’s books, and Eloise is one of my absolute favoites. I also am dying over these Kendra Scott earrings in emrald. And I just celbrated my birthday this weekend and since I’m technically now a twenty-something I’m liking this post on how to win in your 20s. My sister gave me the new Barefoot Contessa cookbook and I want to be rich so that I can buy all the ingredients to make it all. And I think this is fascinating (trends really do come back around, even in desgin). And, naturally this Great Gatsby wedding.

Okay, that should keep you occupied for a bit. Enjoy the rest of these Rebecca Atwood photos and have a happy Wednesday!

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