Monday, November 26, 2012

I hope you all had a restful Thanksgiving! As promised, here I am, writing a real live actual post (shocking, I know, I have an atrocious track record). I got back from Texas last night from hours upon hours in the van (I have now added “not living in Oklahoma” to my things I’m thankful for list) and while my weekend was so much fun, I have discovered some very sad news from my ever-stylish cousins:

Rugby is leaving us.

Granted, I’ve never bought anything from Rugby. But I have visited their site many times. And I’ve already mentioned them in a post (not linking because I’m too lazy to back and look but it’s there). And I’ve pined and drooled and lamented my lack of funds to purchase said rugby shirts in the past but, for all of you who are on a tight budget like me, rejoice!

The only good thing about them going out of business is that they are having massive (massive) sales from now until February. So if you’ve ever wanted to own a lil piece of Ralph Lauren action without sacrificing food for the week, you are very welcome.

In other news, I wrote a song during our long car ride yesterday about why Illinois is the worst place to live. It’s probably not but seriously. I live in the Prairie State. There’s just nothing that exciting about a prairie in comparison to, say, mountains. And our politics? Gag. So, for your cultural benefit, the Illinois Song:

OH Illinois, Illinois
We have no money and we have no cops
Doin’ what you want is really tops

OH Illinois, Illinois,
We’re great at corn and good at dairy
But it’s no fun living on a Prairie

OH Illinois, Illinois
We have no mountains and we have no lakes
Why do I even live in this state?

Well, I make myself laugh at least. Have a happy Monday!

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